Tree of Life

This is a recent digital painting, still a work in progress. My IPad is getting quite a workout doing this one.

Painted Figure

This is just a quick 15 minute digital painting / sketch I did testing out my new $4.95 stylus on my iPad.

Girl in Pink

My latest portrait done in graphite on paper. I am starting to feel my abilities slowly coming back to me. I will never give up my art again.

Clematis Henryi – Watercolor

This is my latest and a first. I created this watercolor and charcoal for my mom on Mother’s Day. I have never used watercolors before, except maybe when I was five. It is definitely not as easy as you might think. There is no do over. You cannot simply paint...

Sketch – Girl with Ponytail

Today’s coffee shop sketch. I am working on hair and odd angles. I always do front portraits but I need to do more figure drawing from all angles. BTW I love this little cafĂ© I found on campus at William and Mary in Virginia.

Juvicsa – Coffee Shop Sketch

A sketch I did sitting at a coffee shop on campus at William and Mary College on May 6, 2014. Pencil on paper.

Te Amo

“Te Amo”, a recent painting I did for my best friend’s birthday. She wanted a sugar skull. I wanted to make it special. The Incan Cross is in honor of her Peruvian home. The rest is just me putting a whole lot of love into a painting for someone dear...

Young captain, this aging ship.

When the mind and the body are in two different worlds, one seeks the other never meeting in between. Young is my heart and playful the mind. Drawn to youth and racing away the same. Foolhardy feelings lend to adventures and unsettling moments. Bold, gentle steps into the open I...

The Journal

I wrote in my journal today. It was the first time in over a year since I had written anything. Coming out of depression is scary and amazing. Change is scary and amazing. Living is scary and amazing. As I sat outside around the corner from my apartment writing outside...

Flying and Falling

I took to the sky Imaginary wings beating into the void of space Earth rises to meet my gaze Tumbling uncontrolled it vanishes once again Am I falling to my death Am I only floundering every direction up Horizons rolls into view Brightest points of light chipping away blue crescents...

Saying Goodbye to My Home.

With a very heavy heart, I must leave San Francisco. The place I have called home for over 4 years. The tech industry has both powered and ruined this great city. The rent on my apartment will double the day I move out. Some high paid programmer and his girlfriend...


Build my life upon these dreams Comforts and cozies fill my thoughts Returning to a place familiar and warm Memories of achievement and joy Love, yes love felt and expressed The lie roles off my tongue like marbles on hill Expressed yes, but not love Comforts are facades hiding what...