The Evil God

“It is not yours to have. You can never be.”

The words echo in her ears as she bleeds tears of shattered emotions.
Like torrents of cold dark rain. The pain consumes her.
“Oh God help me. Please help me!” She cries.
There is only silence. Deafening silence.

“Can you hear that?”
“Yes. The silence. It’s all around me. ”
The mere thought of words echo painfully in the emptiness.
“Where are you?”
No reply. The painful void grows.

She arrives and there is nothing.
A stillness covers the night in black and shapeless silence.
Nothing is said . Only her the breath breaks the calm.

“Take this vessel. It was created by the finest artisans.”
“Take this vessel so that you may know.”

The vessel glows golden with its own light.
Encrusted with jewels like fiery suns of hope in the distant sky.
It’s warmth consumes the shadows.
It’s radiance shatters the quiet surroundings.

“I give this to you.”
“I give you this vessel to carry and admire always.”
“You may never part with it.”
“Drink from it. Your thirst will never be satisfied.”
“Look in to it. It will always be void.”

“I give you this to hold the emptiness.”
“Drink from it to replenish your pain.”
“The gift is yours. For you will never know life without it.”
“I give this to you and I will watch you suffer.”
“I give you this empty vessel of false hope.”
“You will never know more than what this vessel holds.”
“I will give you nothing more.”


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