All the love and all the promises

Today my love you are taking away the memories.
Today my love you pack a life we made together.
All those dreams and hopes.
All the love and promises.

Today my love marks the end of a dream.
Today my love our parting tears into my flesh.
All the fun and all the good times.
All the love and all the promises.

Today my love we split our lives.
Today my love we go our separate ways.
All the romance and all the intimacy.
All the tears and all the warmth.

Two lives bound together now pulled apart.
Two pieces in the whole.
A union of hearts ours no more.
All the love and all the promises.

My lover is gone.
Never again will we hold one another.
Never again will these to halves be together.
All the love and all the promises.

These tears are for you.

2 Replies to “All the love and all the promises”

  1. Nikki,

    Having had what I thought was an eternal relationship die when I decided to follow my life’s dream, your poem has ‘hit’ me so hard! By which I mean I identify so strongly with what you say!


  2. All I can do is offer a *hug*. Thinking of you.

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