Suicide – Thoughts of – TDOR

She opened the drawer to her nightstand, the pale brown bottle of sleeping pills sit harmlessly under the child-proof lid. The long dried tears and runs of makeup down her face are the only signs of life once lived…. as she lies down a long forgotten calm quiets her breath. She comforts herself in the warm down comforter. The sun is shining and the sky is filled with blue… everywhere blue. But the beauty is gone. She sees only darkness. Her soft long hair gently spreads out over the pillow. She has put on her favorite nightgown. It is antique white silk with delicate lace and trim. It is old and worn but it is her favorite. As she closes her eyes, she gently and briefly smiles.

When does life begin?

I died this year. But I was never dead. I passed into some strange history, old memories. Yet I am still here. My passing was sudden and unexpected. But still, I am here this very moment, never having departed. People have and are morning the loss of me. I never left them all the time […]