In To This

In to this we find beauty
We smell life surrounding
Faded pictures and softened stones
Our souls drift between worlds of our making
Restful dreams that bare new thoughts
Heightened senses awakened by the dance
Restless hearts crash in the distance
The cries of past lives molding on our plate
This present
This future

In to this we plunge unguided
Walls within walls
A maze of unlocked doors
Memories grasping to be heard
Emotions drawing blood as they escape
A calm settles in over the night
The waves of possibilities shaping our lives
Well hung pictures adorn the facades
Battered innocence peeks out form behind heavy curtains
Eyes meet hearts to burn away the fog

In to this we forge our lives

4 Replies to “In To This”

  1. Not sure why I never commented on this the first time I read it, but I wanted to tell you that I love it. The characters have a ship full of bravery… very much like yourself.
    “Emotions drawing blood as they escape” — lovely yet jaded line.

  2. Thank You Bomi. I need to find more time to write. I have so much stored up in my head and my heart.

  3. The you better start writing… fast! 🙂

  4. Then you better start writing… fast! 🙂

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