Silent Goodnight

The sweet smell of her.
Lips slowly tempt delicate warming skin.
Her neck lays open in trusted vulnerability.

Delicate trembling.
Shivers run along fingers of gentle caress.

Locks of long red hair sweep exposed skin.
Hands caress explored open acceptance.
Hearts race to follow beat.
Warm blushes fall below eyes in fixed gazes.

Moist passes.
Lips ache for passionate embrace.
Embraced rivers of excited flesh.
Secure feelings bond endless moments.
Anticipation unfolds in moments yet born.

Red lips will to intimate partners.
Fingers cradling face in hand.
Passionate steps dance closer in each breath.

Reunite sensual moments of long distant companions.
Silent Goodnight passes each passionate kiss.

2 Replies to “Silent Goodnight”

  1. Beautiful imagery you create with your tender words of passion and sensuality. Bravo!

  2. Beautiful

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