City Streets

Walking always walking
A girl always has to know her surroundings
No stranger to fashionable pain and craggy pavement
The smell of urine soaked sleeping bags fill doorway corners
Lifeless bodies filling the tattered fabric

A streetcar shutters the sidewalk as it rattles along
Clanging vintage bells and rusty iron screeching under the weight
Pedestrians clamor on the street corners
Rouge crossers play chicken with speeding taxis like amateur bullfighters

A faded paper tumble weeds dart in and out of traffic
Heels, flats, boots, sandals and bare feet forging concrete destinations
The smell of soured milk, baked goods and charring meats mix in succession
Stadiums of ripe fruits and vegetables attending the daily street show

Walking, walking always walking
Droves of expressionless faces buzz by obstacles of foreign tourists
Cameras snap pictures
A billion seconds captured in a million scrapbooks

Brigades of humming cars jostle for position
A maze of painted arrows and 3 color color sentinels
The streets are rivers of constant motion
Sounds erupt from under foot as buried trains traffic their human cargo

Storefronts and coffee shops and business of unknown fare
Multistory boxes and turn of the century homes
People, pets and coworkers scattered amongst the cacophony
Sound the inescapable lover, friend and enemy

Lone urchin serenade the masses from your subterranean hall
Three repeated notes on your pawnshop sax
Dented and tarnished the beauty is in simplicity
A quarter races down grate a token of gratitude misses its mark

Shy words, faded reminders, conversations just out of range
Lips move, ears strain, eyes wonder and hide in dime store novels
Public transportation sweating under the burden of millions
Sardine packed rush-hours violate personal spaces

A stray cat darts in to hidden worlds
Pigeons falling from trees of vinyl coated copper vines
No crumb goes uneaten
No trash bin unexplored

Nights fall and mornings rises a tireless ballet with city lights and steaming manholes
No sleep, no rest the arteries of city life
Evaporating liquids filling in low spaces
Occasional rain replenishing the tide

Distant siren a song of graffiti wall
Vacant lots chained forgotten spaces
Cardboard nests strewn littered underpasses
Faceless human forgettens dying at our feet

Travelers commuters repeat in trusted paths
Tree line streets making light of paved over fields
A park, A waterfront, a lone abandoned stroller
Bicycle locked chains on tireless frames

Jogger, family, vendor share the spaces well
Bus drawn masses reaching every corner of the map
Limited horizontal spaces beget mountains of stairs
No lot unexplored transient icons of ingenuity

Walking Endless walking
City by the bay garden of asphalt, concrete and steel
Walking City Streets
No place like here to stop an smell the roses

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