Nobody There

Tears stream down an empty cheek
No hand to raise and wipe away the pain
The sounds of sadness fall upon no ear
Reassured embrace a distant memory
The still of the sheets cold and empty surround
Light casts dark shadows in the mid of day
A heart beats its solemn song
The lone soul wonders silent halls
Unlocked memories still remain
Rising to the surface a wound unseen
Friends reach out in distant refrain
Words of comfort only glimmers in the night
A turn in the mind
A respite faintly shared
A voice echos in the dark of closed eyes
Only to open to nobody there

One Reply to “Nobody There”

  1. Very nice Nikki,

    I feel you have summed up how I feel many nights, mornings and in half dreams, the voice echos in the dark of closed eyes, only to open to nobody there. I hear many voices from many times, some I hear in hope of a long lost first love, only to open my eyes to nobody there. Strange, I get some confort from this writing, thank you.


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