Fear to Love

I think of her…
And the words flow from my fingers like the swollen rivers of Spring’s Winter thaw.

I see her image…
And my mind wonders in and out of passion and desire.

I speak to her…
And the weight of long past heartbreaks weigh my words unspeakable.

I wish…
That who I am inside is what she sees despite my cautious way.

I toil hopeful…
That the walls around my heart will fall so that I can let her in.

I dream…
Of the day I am no longer afraid to fall in love.

4 Replies to “Fear to Love”

  1. You write with a pure elegance and flow, that allows me to paint my own picture of the scene, which you have drawn, and I appreciate and commend that. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much David. Knowing even one person is touched by my poetry inspires me to write more every day.

  3. Nikki,
    This is really beautiful, so vulnerable and tender.

  4. Thank Julie. I don’t always know where my words come from. Deep inside mostly. But writing has turned out to be a way for me to self-explore the hardest parts of me.

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