Silent Goodnight

The sweet smell of her. Lips slowly tempt delicate warming skin. Her neck lays open in trusted vulnerability. Delicate trembling. Shivers run along fingers of gentle caress. Locks of long red hair sweep exposed skin. Hands caress explored open acceptance. Hearts race to follow beat. Warm blushes fall below eyes in fixed gazes. Moist passes. […]

Broken Glass

Traveled time A place never seen Fidgeting moments passed on first meeting Shy glances Tempered answers Careful questions Precious moments Smiles gather sun Radiant warmth Treading lightly First impressions made Mental pictures broken Nervous pieces crumble to the floor Friends born upon broken glass

Head Over Heels

Approaching the hill with disdain, I attack each step as a an epic battle between good and evil. The cracks in the aged and weathered concrete serve only as menacing obstacles for the stiletto heal of my boots. Each scuff, each abrasion a wound unto my own body. This city ravenously consumes the very fashion […]

Ode to Zin

Oh my Zin you dark and potent brew, You coat my pallet with warmth and reddish hue. My lips do purse to catch the rim, While your potent payload hides within. Red and black the colors of your fill, Aromas of cherry and smoke tugging at my will. Another sip, another taste your strength becomes […]


Pessimist: I cannot succeed so I will not try. Optimist: I will try until I succeed. Philosopher: Do not attempt to do what you are afraid of. You may succeed.

Blighted Morning

Blighted morning your tepid rain restores no balance The ping and slap of fallen water pushing the filth in circles upon my window sill Peering through the gauze of window sheers your streaks and runs distort to no avail The light of your day gray upon white Furious whispers are all you can muster Clattering […]

Dormant Spring

Time better spent. Someone to share it with. Dormant spring waits for rains of shared experience. Looking in shallow gazes. Meeting of eyes averted. Waiting blossoms fragrant for no one. Wishful thoughts drowned. Unanswered dreams heavy burden. Cultivating tireless hope in fields of imagined fruit. Hand in hand embrace. Securely remembered. Seasons on hold in […]