Wreck of the s/v Evening Song

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
This is the sailing vessel Evening Song
Latitude 22°28’14.25″N
Longitude 154°51’9.77″W

Evening Song, Evening Song, Evening Song
This is the US Coast Guard
What is the nature of your distress?

Evening Song, Evening Song, Evening Song…

The harsh din of static fills the airwaves
Rush to service boats and helicopters launch
Always on standby
Always waiting
The job they love
The job they hate

A night rescue filled with peril
Neptune’s rage unleashed
An ocean of wind and blowing foam
Torn mountainous peaks of writhing waters
Black rain coating a blackened sky

6 souls
6 frineds
6 lovers
Alone in a torrent
Lost at sea

Spotlights strain to pierce the night
Eyes struggle losing focus
Radars piercing the angry gale

Choppers on scene
Two in the air
A ship and three boats soon arrive to a watery grave
Waiting, looking, hoping
A long face peers out from the helm

20 hours maybe more
A search for life
A search for clues
No sign of the ill-fated
No word from the crew

The quieting storm reveals no clues
A search called off
Day three in the air
All vessels to port
Relatives’ blank stares

Alone on the beach
Sadly she stands
Daughter of the captain
Child of the sea
Her parents taken no goodbyes only tears

A voyage of discovery
A passage among frineds
To visit the islands and be with loved ones again
Sailing the ocean a call to the seas
Ended one night with the last Evening Song

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