The Ecstasy of Moments

That morning she came to me
Wings brilliant as the sun
Stained glass arms swimming on air
Delicate and fragile

Her touch gentle on my skin
Slowly, Gracefully she moves with my hand
Slow purposeful steady beats
Her delicate body on mine

So beautiful so warm
On the wind erratic and driven
In hand poised and inviting
Wings dancing as I breath

She flickers and turns
My thoughts focus in the moment
No sounds but mine
My pulse visible as I pause

Imagination aroused
Such small wonders tantalize
Goosebumps rise in a shiver
Her delicate presence tickling my skin

Seconds feel like minutes
As I focus on every vibration of her wings
The warmth of the moment lingers
In wings that do not feel

If only she knew
The fleeting passions she inspires
Dreams of flying on her wings
Life’s greatest art in motion

Vespers turn to gusts
My mind begging to hold on
Just stay a little longer
I close my eyes capturing the moment

I call out with one last gust, “stay”
My hand shakes
Her steady perch no more
Blown free she is captured in my thoughts


4 Replies to “The Ecstasy of Moments”

  1. what a delightful read…to havea little bird or butterfly on your finger yeah it would surely be a moment of inspiration i wouldwant to cling to…i always wanted to fly…

  2. Some beautiful lines. I especially liked “Stained glass arms swimming on air / Delicate and fragile” Creates a nice visual and sounds smooth.

  3. How beautiful! You capture the longing to possess and keep beauty with you but how impossible that is very well.

  4. Thank you all very much. The simple and fleeting moments in our lives sometimes seem to be the most profound.

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