FEAR: The Land of the Free and the Brave

I’m getting seriously sick of the GOP telling me I don’t deserve the same rights as everyone else because I am gay. Their candidates seem to think the most important thing in the world is denying or even taking away the rights of anyone who is gay or a woman. YOU DO NOT have any right to tell me what I can or cannot do with my body. YOU DO NOT have any right to tell me who I can or cannot love. This is America. You know that whole land of the free and the brave thing where our constitution guarantees EVERY HUMAN in this country equal rights.

There is so much focus by the GOP candidates on legalizing discrimination it is fucking scary and sickening. And they want less government. In fact by adding laws to deny LGBT citizens of rights is in fact creating more government. I believe what they want is to create a power structure that makes them a group dictatorship. If you love this country you will not vote for a single republican ever again. I would rather be up to our ears and drowning in debt than have a country run into the ground and destroyed by these sick individuals who’s only focus is what they can take away from the American public. And don’t get me started on their utter resistance to have the rich pay more taxes. Who the hell needs a billion dollars? What good is that doing the old, starving and the homeless in the streets of our greatest cities? And yes I do give goods and money to charities and pay large amounts of taxes every year. I did so even while unemployed. Why because I care about people and this is the best way I can help this country.

I am disturbed beyond words most of the time. But believe me I will fight till my dying breath to ensure every law abiding citizen is treated equally and with respect. I will not stand for laws that legalize discrimination, tell a woman what she can or can’t do with her own body or ensure the working class never get ahead.

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