Attainable Untamable Creative Investigative Explore my mind to find The woman behind these eyes Independent Fierce and Strong No cage will hold me long Set out Upon the world Forging my path Nec Sorte Nec Fato I am not just a thing of beauty I’m not just a girl Brains Feelings Memories and more Not […]

Twitter: How it helps me as a writer and poet

All those micro-poems, lines of Haiku, creative thoughts and “Twitter Poems” have helped me learn how to write better. Often, those little bursts of creativity are seeds for larger and more complex ideas that grow into full poems. One of those little bursts on Twitter actually evolved into a full screenplay that I am writing. And the coolest thing is not only the instant feedback, but the reminder is always there in your timeline so you can ignite that larger idea on paper, in a blog and hopefully as a published work later on. They are like little notes to myself sometimes

For a Moment

I thought I heard your name Turning to look I saw the pipers race across the beach Edge of the advancing surf The choreographer in their daily ballet Long sheets of liquid glass coat the shores Revealing deep blue skies in the warming sands A whole universe reflected at my feet For moment I thought […]

The Emptiness is My Art

  I struggle to make peace with you Your bony withered hand Clenched in a ball around my heart Time drags on along quiet empty shores Your faded dying skin Wrapped like worn gauze around my bones The warmth of feeling distant in my mind Your wretched smile Trapped in mirrors before me My eyes blackened in […]

Where the Sunrise

Where there is courage to rise each day The shadow of fear covers the path in darkness Desire stands alone conscious in the obscure of night Confidence the sacred jewel on a crown of hope Where there is will Where there is want of more each moment The frozen grip of insecurity binds us in our […]

Changing it all…

I have spent my life changing. Trying to change. Trying to improve myself. Working towards a better me. There was a time in my life I did not care. That is no longer me. I admit I am far from perfect. I procrastinate like a pro. I fall back into self destructive patterns as fast […]

in the silence

a heart longing to beat lungs searching for a breath of fresh air arms acing to hold a slow dance in a room with no music dinner for one in a restaurant of many wind blowing in hair unfelt. the unopened box of chocolates on the counter an empty glass of a pair gray clouds […]

Wreck of the s/v Evening Song

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! This is the sailing vessel Evening Song Latitude 22°28’14.25″N Longitude 154°51’9.77″W Evening Song, Evening Song, Evening Song This is the US Coast Guard What is the nature of your distress? Evening Song, Evening Song, Evening Song… The harsh din of static fills the airwaves Rush to service boats and helicopters launch Always […]