I pulled the blanket over my eyes Hoping you could not see me Or maybe it was really so that I could not see you My lump of unmoving flesh and bone still So still as to not draw your attention Or maybe it was so I could not feel The perception of motion lost […]


To Know Me

Do you know me Can you claim to unfold my tattered edges Bindings held together with stubborn lashings Years upon years repaired Reinforced What stories faded in my pages What comedy laughs in scattered chapters What tragedy scores dog-eared corners And then what too is unwritten Between each line Softly spoken tales of triumph And […]

A Rose

The art of kindness

Look into smiling eyes A passing stranger turns Standing ovation from adoring fans The fallen ballerina Met with roses as she is carried off the floor Things happen Outstretched hands helping Broken cane Useless against the uneven ground Titanium hips strain Only nine The elder stranger need not carry her bags alone Chivalry not dead […]