The Journal

I wrote in my journal today. It was the first time in over a year since I had written anything. Coming out of depression is scary and amazing. Change is scary and amazing. Living is scary and amazing. As I sat outside around the corner from my apartment writing outside the coffee shop,  the sun […]

Dragon Vase

Twin Dragon Vase

                  The Twin Dragon Vase is the last large fine art ceramic piece I created before I graduated from art school at ECU. As described in earlier posts this cast iron like glaze is fired to cone 6 on a cone 10 white stoneware body.  Spraying the glaze […]

Lizard Urn

Lizard Urn

              This was my first real fine art ceramic piece that crosses the line between utilitarian and purely decorative.  This is one of a series of “black iron”  ceramic pieces. The glaze is a cone 10 glaze over white stoneware. I created this glaze on a whim one day […]

Ash Glaze Wood Fired Urn

Ash Glaze Wood Fired Urn

  This is one of my greatest creations.  It is a stoneware body fired to cone 10-11 for about 12 hours under very heavy reduction. It took two separate firings to achieve this look. The glaze is a natural byproduct of the ashe from the pine we burned.  The inside has a translucent glaze filled […]



This is just a little something I was messing around with today. A high energy instrumental for driving down the road with the top down along the coast of California.