Burning Cold

I gazed in to a fire It was burning in my heart I stood upon the edge It was the day I fell in love I soared above the clouds It was each night within your arms I trembled cold and lost It was the day we were no more


Memories spill into the palms of my hands Whetted moments blackened by the liner on my eyes A sunset on the beach A Valentines day in the park A first date over pizza and beer Smeared and wiped on the sleeves of my life

Circling Inside

I wander within my own thoughts Stepping curiously through the faint echoes and storms Freshly written places formed time and again from the realities in which I dwell To linger too long is the introverted’s curse Pieces of my memories scattered about in chaotic rank and file Undone wishes airing about the recessed mental spaces While my dreams vivid […]

Thoughtful Garden

When finally she came with whispers on her breath The smell of fresh jasmine clinging to the hems of her simple dress Her eyes caressing the silhouetted form at the edge of beds in color and green Tall stands of lavender and sage pressing her along an inviting mossy path Spring’s symphony directed in rows […]

A Voice in the Distance

Tenuous steps over anticipation’s spell A walk of words gripped in search of more Questions, So many questions Answers hidden in silent gazes A voiced raises in subtle hints of warm embracing Lightly welcoming  discovery’s treasures Initial veils of trepidation drawn A heartbeat and another The curtain fades revealing form Hopeful thoughts linger An open […]

The Empty Room

A man walks into a room filled with chatting people, laughter and deep conversations. A woman follows. Then two. Then more. A room filled with people of all ages, colors and creeds. Each having received an invitation to attend a special event. Food and drink will be provided. The only rules: tell nothing about yourself […]