The Sky

Blazing Bristlecone

Explorers sandy back of skyward gazes
Silent fields of summer’s starry currents restful and quiet
Brightest black and deepest blues blanket adventurous eyes

Illusive dancers flash in the distance
A moments captivated spell transfixed across heavens
A wish made certain in the blink of an eye

Swirling colors muted and not
Age old mystics and spirited tales dot the horizons
Liquid ink of timeless wonders eternal

Survey the distance
Feeling so small insignificant a scheme of grand design
Magical and impossibility overcome

Each heart a star
Each mind a galaxy
Every soul the universe

Unique and beautiful framed in endless portrait
Stardust to flesh and earth and all that is
Every point of light an image reflections of our own

The Darkest Place

There is a place so dark I cannot go.
The heart runs cold and the soul lives alone.
Thoughts oft surface soon set on the wind.
Hopes no return they should never come again.


I’ve sailed the seas of sleepless nights
…and endless thought in search of you

Self acceptance
Love of life

A place in the world to call my own


I’ve owned things of man bought by the toil of my hand

Done many things adventurous
…foolish and fun

Regrets I have none


My search never ends

Rewards of living and giving fill my coffers
Rewards of friends and lovers accompany my mind

I found you there lost and alone
A day of reflection and thoughts to end it all

You cried and screamed in endless vigil
Year after year in silent tears

Faded dreams
Unopened doors
No one path
No one place

You hid amongst the reflections of yourself

But there you were
Always there

Always by my side
…and in my thoughts

I found you
Your strength
Your beauty
Your will to be


I found what I was looking for
…it was me

Spanish Angel

What chance love Spanish angel
Willingly meant forever
Wantingly keep close to heart

What chance love Spanish angel
Despair not distance
Think not differences

What chance love Spanish angel
Youth in constant memory
Wisdom matures timely pursuit

What chance love Spanish angel
To hold most dear thoughts
To bare unborn memories

What chance love Spanish angel
Mi amore
Mi sueño contigo

14th and Alpine Terrace

The urban treadmill of broken concrete grid
passes under my feet indifferent and cold.

The smell of incense and urine fill my senses
only to subside in jest as I breeze by the dirty Chinese buffet.

The likeness or Jesus and tired punk anarchy race across the streets.
Human squirrels dogging uncaring city traffic.

The residue of Scotch still prominent on my tongue.

The ache of tired calves burning on incline.
Steeper and steeper as I climb.

Angry fog races over roof and tree.
Attacking unwary pedestrians as they scurry
to beat the turning light.

One turn, 100 steps.
The stoop lays bare across my horizon.

Home for the moment.

Home until I’m gone.

Myself, My own

Finding my place
The race to be all of me
Soundly in line
This life of mine

Edge the line crossed and left behind
Full of life and love to give
I wont apologize
I am not an animal to be caged

Told do live in a box
Told to be a good girl
Don’t fuck with me
You can’t kill the freedom to love

Take my life
You will never take my soul
I exist despite your rage
Your hate
Your cage
I live outside your pitiful book of rules

Art in my mind
The art of my self
My fire burns for all my sisters brothers and fools

To be
I am free

Strive to be
The best damn women

No one’s cage
No one’s rule

I live outside the frame of societies tired game

The Embrace

She stands in the window.
Her soft silhouette flowing with the breeze in the open window.
The light of the morning sun teasing my senses.

She turns slightly to peer over her shoulder.
The sunlight igniting the warmth in her eyes.
Lips part.
She whispers something as she turns

Will you just hold me.
The words wrap around my soul like a blanket on a new born child.

She turns back into the window.
Her long, silky, dark hair flowing in the breeze.
Her arms held tight against her breast.

I approach her slowly.
The old wood floor creaking under my feet.
My arms gently extend as I embrace the woman in my dream.

Our hands meet as I gently hold her close.
Standing behind her, my chin on her shoulder gazing out into the day.

Embraced in a dream of light and love.
No words are spoken as our hearts find the beat of the other.

The Fallen

I died for you today.
My body torn and brutalized in the name of someone’s God.
The agony of my death etched into the lifeless skin of my face.
Crimson life pooled beneath the folds of my uniform.

I died for you today.
I was your brother, father, mother, son, sister friend and lover.
My mission a lie, but I knew that when I joined.
It’s the principle I upheld to protect my clan.

I died for you today.
My child will never know me nor ever be born.
My lover will never hold me.
I am but a crumpled photograph  in cold, lonely hands.

I died for you today.
So that you will never know the pain of wanting or inhumanity.
So my government can reign supreme with morals built on fear.
So your life will live undisrupted.

I died today.
Cold, lonely and scared in some foreign land.
My name unimportant yet profoundly so.
My life insignificant but only to those that took my last breath.

When I died today.
I took a bullet maybe three.
The searing pain like a hot poker made of salt in an open wound.
I lay helpless dying, screaming as I cast off my last shot.

When I died today.
I did not think of you.
My mother, my family are all that I saw as I cried my final tear.
I was a brave soldier I fought to the end.

I died for you today in a war I did not choose.