The Light of Life – A Steam of Consciousness Poem

Time is my curse from which I cannot hide.
Love is my savior from which I draw strength.
The hours, the days, the feelings inside.
Grow and live my life to it’s length.

I seek neither pity nor charity be mine.
Life is the gift and the way I must flow.
Bring me no pain I have no more time.
Breath each breath and cherish what I know.

The sun will set and moon has its day.
I will feel comfort and not fear the night.
The sun will again rise for that is the way.
The circle of life and all that is right.

I live for each moment.
I love every day.
Time cannot harm me.

The light leads my way.

Oh those wacky cousins over the pond!

I have a new good friend whom I have never met.

She says strange words I sometimes don’t get.

Mad is crazy and Rubbish is crap.

Cricky old sailboats and things like that.

She is filled with warmth, beauty and kind.

She fills me with happiness and eases my mind.

If ever I meet this new friend I can bet,

I have come home on an Island,

to an ancestral friend I just met.


My favorite sayings from across the pond:


Bloody Hell!

Cheeky Monkey

Let’s go to the Pub for Pint (Of Guinness of Course )

Tea ad Crumpets (WTH is a crumpet ? )

Cheerio (No not the Cereal)

And lastly my ALL time fave of faves….

Bob’s your Uncle… LOL (I don’t know any bob’s)

May the beauty in the world ever lighten your day.