City_NightTo pass the time on a recent trip to Phoenix, I doodled on my iPad again. I was crammed between two people in the middle seat with little elbow room. Hunched over to avoid elbowing my neighbors in the gut, I had to improvise how I held the stylus and my iPad. 2 hours into the flight my back was a screaming. Oh the life of an artistic explorer.

I had no idea what to paint so I just laid on the dark colors and start thinking about my classes in art school focusing on 2 and 3 point perspective. I also had a few images in my head from a really amazing painter by the name of Jeremy Mann. His cityscapes are wonderful images that one might feel were captured in a dream he then painted. The use of light and shadow and a more suggestive style rather that realism is quite amazing.

Tree of Life

This is a recent digital painting, still a work in progress. My IPad is getting quite a workout doing this one. Tree of Life

Painted Figure

This is just a quick 15 minute digital painting / sketch I did testing out my new $4.95 stylus on my iPad.
Painted Figure

Girl in Pink

My latest portrait done in graphite on paper. I am starting to feel my abilities slowly coming back to me. I will never give up my art again.

2014-05-29 21.07.54

Clematis Henryi – Watercolor

This is my latest and a first. I created this watercolor and charcoal for my mom on Mother’s Day. I have never used watercolors before, except maybe when I was five. It is definitely not as easy as you might think. There is no do over. You cannot simply paint over an area and start again. For an oil painter that is a tad annoying. Overall I think this is not too bad for a n00b. Mom is happy and that is what really matters.
Clematis Henri