Self Portrait

Charcoal on paper. I have been reigniting my creative soul. The inner child and the muse all whisper in my ear. “Follow your dream. It is never too late.” I am a stereotype at times. Being the troubled artist, the lost creative soul, the emotional Pisces, all searching for something.

Dreams are Illustrations…

My life is a dream. My life has been filled with dreams in dark, unfocused gray on black, in crystal clear technicolor with symphonic sound and lucid hyper reality upon wings of my own design. My book is filled with all these beautiful, tragic and loving illustrations. I sometimes transpose these dreams into my own reality, my art, my music, my life.

Portrait of Kim

I started drawing again a couple weeks ago after about a 15 year hiatus from drawing. Yeah a few stupid sketches here and there but not really trying. I spent 7 years in Art School that my daddy paid for. Why 7 years? Well to be totally honest my daddy paid for me to get […]