Tree of Life

This is a recent digital painting, still a work in progress. My IPad is getting quite a workout doing this one. Tree of Life

Painted Figure

This is just a quick 15 minute digital painting / sketch I did testing out my new $4.95 stylus on my iPad.
Painted Figure

Clematis Henryi – Watercolor

This is my latest and a first. I created this watercolor and charcoal for my mom on Mother’s Day. I have never used watercolors before, except maybe when I was five. It is definitely not as easy as you might think. There is no do over. You cannot simply paint over an area and start again. For an oil painter that is a tad annoying. Overall I think this is not too bad for a n00b. Mom is happy and that is what really matters.
Clematis Henri

Te Amo

Te Amo“Te Amo”, a recent painting I did for my best friend’s birthday. She wanted a sugar skull. I wanted to make it special. The Incan Cross is in honor of her Peruvian home. The rest is just me putting a whole lot of love into a painting for someone dear to my heart.

18×24 Oil on canvas.

Timelapse: Playing with Fire

This is a timelapse of my recent digital painting done on my iPad. I think it’s pretty cool one can go back and rediscover or just see the creative process flow in a condensed stream. This painting only took about two hours to complete. Like professional athletes artists can now review their performance. Not that it is a competition but the magic of technology allows us to create in ways that simply are not possible with traditional media. You don’t get instant do-overs and undos with paint or clay. You just have to start over. Technology is allowing me to discover more and practice or try out ideas on a piece without the worry of screwing it up. It does not change the process of creative exploration. It just speeds it up.