My Dream in PHP

$proud[] = ($l,$g,$b,$t,$q,$i); $beautiful = $this->world->gather(     (array)$straight,     (array)$openMinded,     (array)$allies ); $humanity = array_merge( $beautiful, $proud ); foreach ($humanity as $you){     echo $you . ” Are Beautiful, Loved and Appreciated.”; } echo “Being different is not a crime. It is an Honor”;

Running in Shadows

Some wounds run too deep. The sounds of cracking bones or the words of petty fools. I cannot see the scars. Time has washed them clear. I cannot feel the shot. The bullets have long since been removed. When all I ever wanted was to run away. I ran. Far away. Deep in the forests […]


She purrs each gentle breath slowly between the softening touch of madness and the warm night of whispers on her tongue. Cries of ecstasy echo behind the veil of secrets. Her wings set at ease. She sleeps in the peace of comforts arm. 

Changing it all…

I have spent my life changing. Trying to change. Trying to improve myself. Working towards a better me. There was a time in my life I did not care. That is no longer me. I admit I am far from perfect. I procrastinate like a pro. I fall back into self destructive patterns as fast […]

In the Wake of Tears

I loved her with all my heart, all my soul I loved her more than I loved myself I sacrificed myself for her, for us But when I could no longer live without loving myself too I choose to live instead of killing myself I found the way to loving who I am Our promise […]