The Well

the well so deep, yesterday not so much today your love your friendship my guide my strength to fill the pit beneath me light is like words encouraging yet thin but your hand it breaks the stone it clears the path these wells that form deep under foot bored out by our own hands when […]

Most Beautiful Woman

The most beautiful woman in the world is not the one with a sash or crown. She is not the one with a perfect body or the nicest cloths. She is not the most popular or even the most graceful. She is the woman you love and the one who loves you for who you […]

My Dream in PHP

$proud[] = ($l,$g,$b,$t,$q,$i); $beautiful = $this->world->gather(     (array)$straight,     (array)$openMinded,     (array)$allies ); $humanity = array_merge( $beautiful, $proud ); foreach ($humanity as $you){     echo $you . ” Are Beautiful, Loved and Appreciated.”; } echo “Being different is not a crime. It is an Honor”;

The Scent of a Woman

Her lips fall from her cheek. Her lips leave delicate caresses moving slowly along her lovers neck. A familiar scent tempts her senses. As her nose grazes the softest parts of her neck and fills with the warmth of her skin and the scent of a woman. She stops to inhale all she can absorb. […]


Vulnerability : The careful art of allowing someone in. Intimacy based in trust. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give another. Allowing them in hoping they do not run off with the spoils. Most are just afraid of what we keep locked away. Or is it we ourselves that are afraid of what […]

The Blue Fairy

The greatest powers in the universe cannot hold back tears that need to flow free. Mine had been building for a few weeks. I did not cry long or particularly hard. This time I had my mother their to catch me. So many times I have cried in the last 2 years that I wished […]