Jaded Path

Walking this path a purpose without direction. I see to a future in each direction I turn. Step upon step into multiple futures. My bearings are focused on nothing and forward. Each foot precariously yet systematically placed upon each ledge. The path narrows here and widens there. Insecure footings marked by hasty retreat. Must move […]

A Seed of Hope

Endless miles of hot asphalt race only inches beneath her. This journey has become all too familiar as she blankly scans the road ahead. The trips back to her parents home each weekend only followed by the same blank canvas before classes start each Monday. “How long must I do this?” She whispers to the […]


A lone red flower towers over a sea of yellow ground cover. The distant howl of a wolf breaks the symphony of neighborhood dogs. The sharp green eyes of an oasis peer out of the desert. Wildly twisting, green vines engulf a lone towering pine. The battered stop sign at a crossroads miles from civilization. […]

Second Spring

Scattered about and disorganized Thoughts clinging to each other as they pass A topped off glass swells over The liquid emotions spilling out around the overburdened vessel These are my life’s savings Order and chaos an unmade bed Falling in and out of lucid skies a comforting breeze comes Warmth wraps around skin The infants […]

In To This

In to this we find beauty We smell life surrounding Faded pictures and softened stones Our souls drift between worlds of our making Restful dreams that bare new thoughts Heightened senses awakened by the dance Restless hearts crash in the distance The cries of past lives molding on our plate This present This future In […]

Open Wounds

The words roll off the page like acid from her lips. Burning new pain in wounds unhealed. Everything that was is a lie. The secrets held fast long overdue. Delivered and planted with the skills of a heartless killer. An open heart looking for forgiveness and understanding. Only to find scorched earth and flames where […]

Lost at Sea

Somewhere between the yesterdays, todays and tomorrows I have become lost. It seems as though only yesterday everything was so beautiful and perfect. But again like the endless tides, I have lost my way as the waters withdraw. The search for self, confidence and wholeness washed away again. Stranded on a bar surrounded my a […]