Marks of Pain

A stream of blood trickles down her face.
Unaware her bloodied finger smears the past across the keyboard
A Pause
A Flood of memories
Nervous habits hard to overcome
The long shadowy remnants of the past still digging new wounds
Maybe not consciously
But the fingers know
Unoccupied they dig and pull at the flesh
The bite of a thousand stings subtle scars on her flesh
Flesh abused by words and hate
Flesh tortured by her own hand
She curses the day she discovered pain on the outside masks pain on her inside

And still the blood stains
Marks of a new scar
Marks of an old wound

If only we could forget


Lover of life
Your story told in the lines of your face
The joy in your eyes

Lover of life
You see a world unknown to the caged
You run confident in to each day

Lover of life
The world around you vibrates with amazement
Everything old is still new

Lover of life
Friends agape in amazement every story told
Envy the silent companion in your shadow

Lover of life
Each sunrise the golden challis for your wine
Each sunset a joyous wake remembered

Lover of life
Infections warm and unhurried
Neither lead nor follow

Yours is a world of your own invention

Love Is

The truth of love is
… a word unspoken
… a gentle caress of thoughts in a whisper
… seamless moments in a lifetime of passion
… tear filled eyes of joy and pain
… falling and flying day after day
… forgiving the broken glass underfoot
… tracing the lines of her with a brush of lips
… sweet nothings that are everything
… cold nights heated in her arms
… disagreeing, yet respecting what she believes
… understanding
… compassion
… making out in the open window
… girlish giggles as her hand slips under the table
… between the sheets
… on the floor
… in the ocean pulsing to each wave
… hope
… caring
… laughing
… crying
… make up sex on a day started off wrong
… a rose in a vase
… a note left in the top drawer
… a hand wiping away the pain in tear
… standing together for all to see
… trust
… a promise
… catching the wind and flying free
… love
… love

… a word of symbols and actions creating memories and passions
our gift to each other greater than all others

It Is

It is…

The faintest whisper of your voice
The softest touch of your hand
The warmest glow of your spirit
The gentlest stroke of your tongue
The sweetest taste of your lips
The boldest action of your being
The smartest thought of your mind
The brightest moment of your life
The simplest parts of you

It is…

All of you that I love the most

Where Demons Dwell

Mountains rise in wakes of troubled thoughts
Mere ripples turned swells of rolling rage
Stirred torrents of doubt and question
Blanket waters once still with unstayed ferocity
Anger, fear, temptation and lust drown reason

As my mind wanders in places where demons dwell

Fair Winds

I cast my heart into the open
Carried on the waters of trust
Blown by the winds of your soul
A chance at something taken
The fear of being in the open and exposed overcome
Desire the star that guides me leads to you

That it does not matter swells and storms
Tides of thoughts are the gravity of you
Brightest star and heavenly body
Nothing of the past nor demons on the seas shall change my course
Adventures together shall I walk land again
True North my compass set for you

I set my mind sails close hauled
A course of purpose beating to windward
The harbor of you a destiny of hope
Landing safely in your arms
A prize greater than any race won
Fair winds my vessel sails the oceans for you

Thoughts of a Dying Tree

I turned to see the tree fall in the forest. Crashing like a lake over the forest floor. The branches and leaves splashing over me.

They say the falling tree may never make a sound if no one is there to hear it. It sang to me a requiem of 500 years as it fell.


Forever holding a place of undashed hopes
tight and close to my heart

Forever seeking to fulfill the spark’s destiny
to burn even brighter

Forever dreaming of a passion so strong
the world around weeps in joy

Forever standing firm against the hate and indignity others cast indiscriminately
as they try rip away their own pain of not being

Forever placing on a pedestal
that which stands for love and acceptance

Forever being the person I have always been
deep within my soul

Forever loving life
as precious moments of gifted time

Forever shedding the past ills and demons
making way for all that is good and right in the world

Forever encouraging those around
that falter on their way
only reaching out to find a helping hand

Forever creating the sacred spaces in my thoughts
that keep the dreams alive

Forever making new the old and burdened memories
into hope that builds a future

Forever stopping to smell the roses
remembering every day, every second and every life around me
is a gift  to be cherished

Forever sharing the intimate moments of lucid thought
tangibly real and written in my mind
hoping the words are heard

Hoping the words are enough
to open your mind and warm your heart