Memories spill into the palms of my hands
Whetted moments blackened by the liner on my eyes

A sunset on the beach
A Valentines day in the park
A first date over pizza and beer

Smeared and wiped on the sleeves of my life

Circling Inside

I wander within my own thoughts
Stepping curiously through the faint echoes and storms
Freshly written places formed time and again from the realities in which I dwell
To linger too long is the introverted’s curse

Pieces of my memories scattered about in chaotic rank and file
Undone wishes airing about the recessed mental spaces
While my dreams vivid and searching battle to be realized
I sit awake in this place longing to feel  the guiding hand of reality

Clashes with who that I am lay upon the littered spaces in my mind
A deeper bed of confusion  and questions strewn to each side as I wander
The cold edge of doubt well within the distance I may fall
Confronting each step in my journey leading down worn and untraveled paths

Hours or maybe seconds spent in fleeting and brooding reflection
A decision made is another called in to question
Trepidation concealing the unlit trails I cross in hope
Markers of prior contemplation etched behind my eyes remembered

Back again on tired clouds of doubt
Back within the flowing rivers of creative satisfaction
Back and forth I go between the processes of my mind
Back as if I’d never gone from the circles I walk inside my head

No closer to the answers, the beginning or the end

Thoughtful Garden

Lavender Garden

When finally she came with whispers on her breath
The smell of fresh jasmine clinging to the hems of her simple dress
Her eyes caressing the silhouetted form at the edge of beds in color and green
Tall stands of lavender and sage pressing her along an inviting mossy path
Spring’s symphony directed in rows of weeping willow and apple blossom balconies

Slow and innocent approach her lover turns her head a shoulders view
The corner of her eyes filled with light struck on amber flowing locks
Her hand rises over her breast to rest gently shouldered and waiting
The other crossed under patiently brushing along her silken bathed side

A simple invitation of greeting eyes drawn closer along the path
Gracefully meeting front to back she strokes the waiting hand upon her shoulder
The fabric of their frocks dancing together in playful fragrant breezes
Pressed jasmine petals falling to their feet as embraced figures settle in

Arms wrap around like wisteria seeking home upon the lattice
Warm passion blossoms as her hands fall into her lover’s waiting arms
Carefully planted her cheek rests safely upon the welcome shoulder

Light painting wistful strokes over two a canvas blending to one
Encouraging wind brushing back golden hair exposed soft skin shivers
Her lips find way rising slowly over milky perfumed skin
A simply pierced attentive ear sparkles silver and white

A moments pause the symphony of spring yields in anticipation
She frees soft breath of words meant true and dear eternal
Only three, at the edge of the thoughtful garden

A Voice in the Distance

Tenuous steps over anticipation’s spell
A walk of words gripped in search of more
Questions, So many questions

Answers hidden in silent gazes
A voiced raises in subtle hints of warm embracing
Lightly welcoming  discovery’s treasures

Initial veils of trepidation drawn
A heartbeat and another
The curtain fades revealing form

Hopeful thoughts linger
An open invitation fresh within the beating heart
Hesitations, release, invitation received

Adventures never taken
A forfeit of the wounded soul
Are broken upon the rocks of tender recognition

The Sky

Blazing Bristlecone

Explorers sandy back of skyward gazes
Silent fields of summer’s starry currents restful and quiet
Brightest black and deepest blues blanket adventurous eyes

Illusive dancers flash in the distance
A moments captivated spell transfixed across heavens
A wish made certain in the blink of an eye

Swirling colors muted and not
Age old mystics and spirited tales dot the horizons
Liquid ink of timeless wonders eternal

Survey the distance
Feeling so small insignificant a scheme of grand design
Magical and impossibility overcome

Each heart a star
Each mind a galaxy
Every soul the universe

Unique and beautiful framed in endless portrait
Stardust to flesh and earth and all that is
Every point of light an image reflections of our own

The Darkest Place

There is a place so dark I cannot go.
The heart runs cold and the soul lives alone.
Thoughts oft surface soon set on the wind.
Hopes no return they should never come again.


I’ve sailed the seas of sleepless nights
…and endless thought in search of you

Self acceptance
Love of life

A place in the world to call my own


I’ve owned things of man bought by the toil of my hand

Done many things adventurous
…foolish and fun

Regrets I have none


My search never ends

Rewards of living and giving fill my coffers
Rewards of friends and lovers accompany my mind

I found you there lost and alone
A day of reflection and thoughts to end it all

You cried and screamed in endless vigil
Year after year in silent tears

Faded dreams
Unopened doors
No one path
No one place

You hid amongst the reflections of yourself

But there you were
Always there

Always by my side
…and in my thoughts

I found you
Your strength
Your beauty
Your will to be


I found what I was looking for
…it was me

Spanish Angel

What chance love Spanish angel
Willingly meant forever
Wantingly keep close to heart

What chance love Spanish angel
Despair not distance
Think not differences

What chance love Spanish angel
Youth in constant memory
Wisdom matures timely pursuit

What chance love Spanish angel
To hold most dear thoughts
To bare unborn memories

What chance love Spanish angel
Mi amore
Mi sueño contigo