14th and Alpine Terrace

The urban treadmill of broken concrete grid passes under my feet indifferent and cold. The smell of incense and urine fill my senses only to subside in jest as I breeze by the dirty Chinese buffet. The likeness or Jesus and tired punk anarchy race across the streets. Human squirrels dogging uncaring city traffic. The […]

Myself, My own

Finding my place The race to be all of me Soundly in line Bold Untamed Unashamed This life of mine Edge the line crossed and left behind Full of life and love to give Hated Despised Criticized I wont apologize I am not an animal to be caged Told do live in a box Told […]

The Embrace

She stands in the window. Her soft silhouette flowing with the breeze in the open window. The light of the morning sun teasing my senses. She turns slightly to peer over her shoulder. The sunlight igniting the warmth in her eyes. Lips part. She whispers something as she turns Will you just hold me. The […]

The Fallen

I died for you today. My body torn and brutalized in the name of someone’s God. The agony of my death etched into the lifeless skin of my face. Crimson life pooled beneath the folds of my uniform. I died for you today. I was your brother, father, mother, son, sister friend and lover. My […]

Strength of Life

What heart does not hurt that has not lost What day is not long that has no sun Searching, ever searching My soul the intrepid explorer The adventure of life Chances not taken regrettable but past Why do we not sleep the endless quest for self Why alone is not a part of our making […]

Nobody There

Tears stream down an empty cheek No hand to raise and wipe away the pain The sounds of sadness fall upon no ear Reassured embrace a distant memory The still of the sheets cold and empty surround Light casts dark shadows in the mid of day A heart beats its solemn song The lone soul […]

Song Bird

What far wind doth blow upon gentle cheek Soft fingers caress rays of golden light Amber tendrils silken morning dew Mists rise sleepily over quiet restful fields Nights brave travelers retire to your place Peering tentative steps break cold shadows High upon your nest breaks on rays of newborn sun Turning fortunes daily gamble Step […]

…and everything is not as it seems

Prelude: The lights seem to flicker in hazes of distant memory A smile transfixed upon faces of the dying Kind words breaking the shy silenced comfort … Run with me in these solum covered hills Where grass grows unchallenged in the light Rain calls to the moments of continued growth Nature’s healing brush upon the […]