It Is

It is… The faintest whisper of your voice The softest touch of your hand The warmest glow of your spirit The gentlest stroke of your tongue The sweetest taste of your lips The boldest action of your being The smartest thought of your mind The brightest moment of your life The simplest parts of you It is… All […]

Where Demons Dwell

Mountains rise in wakes of troubled thoughts Mere ripples turned swells of rolling rage Stirred torrents of doubt and question Blanket waters once still with unstayed ferocity Anger, fear, temptation and lust drown reason As my mind wanders in places where demons dwell

Fair Winds

I cast my heart into the open Carried on the waters of trust Blown by the winds of your soul A chance at something taken The fear of being in the open and exposed overcome Desire the star that guides me leads to you That it does not matter swells and storms Tides of thoughts […]

Thoughts of a Dying Tree

I turned to see the tree fall in the forest. Crashing like a lake over the forest floor. The branches and leaves splashing over me. They say the falling tree may never make a sound if no one is there to hear it. It sang to me a requiem of 500 years as it fell.

Fear to Love

I think of her… And the words flow from my fingers like the swollen rivers of Spring’s Winter thaw. I see her image… And my mind wonders in and out of passion and desire. I speak to her… And the weight of long past heartbreaks weigh my words unspeakable. I wish… That who I am […]

When and Then

When I was born, It is said the flowers bloomed and the rains washed away the past And the days grew bright with joy. When I was young, It is said the rivers and oceans sprang to life And endless days were celebrated in my honor. When I grew old, It was said the leaves […]