Broken Glass

Art is
Broken glass
Cast into turbulent seas
In time
Washed ashore
Polished and refined
It forms the sands
Upon which we lie
Drifting away
In warm silence
Lost in the cacophony
Of our own dreams

Pensive in Stockholm

Pensive in StockholmThis is my latest complete digital painting of my best friend based on a photograph I took of her in Stockholm, Sweden. This was done on my iPad as usual. It is all I have for my digital artwork and works quite well. I use Procreate and good active stylus. I used a technique I had only experimented with before and I am pretty happy with the results. Painting on glass with almost no resistance from the plastic stylus tip is very frustrating at times. Add to that the size of an iPad screen and no palm protection and well… undo is my friend. Total time 5 hours sitting in my favorite coffee shop.


Girl in Pink

My latest portrait done in graphite on paper. I am starting to feel my abilities slowly coming back to me. I will never give up my art again.

2014-05-29 21.07.54

Twin Dragon Vase


Dragon Vase Dragon Vase Dragon Vase Dragon Vase









The Twin Dragon Vase is the last large fine art ceramic piece I created before I graduated from art school at ECU. As described in earlier posts this cast iron like glaze is fired to cone 6 on a cone 10 white stoneware body.  Spraying the glaze took a little finesse to avoid getting too think on the dragon sculptures and their claw marks scaling the vase. Inspired by Greek and Roman pottery, the pot was thrown in two separate pieces. Each dragon was made off the pot and latter married to each other and the neck of the vase using a lot of slip and deep scratching. It took about 2 weeks to create and allow to dry properly.  I PRAYED this piece made it through all the firings in one piece.  I was really big into Japanese Art and Medieval literature at the time of it’s making.  So I guess this piece is an amalgamation of many thoughts and styles crashing in my head at once.  And yes I got an A in that class 🙂

ECU Recreational Services T-Shirts

ECU REC Services T'sWhile I am packing I found these. All these T-shirt designs paid for one semester of food in college many years ago. 1989-90 to be exact. Combined there were literally thousands of these shirts printed. I was so proud walking campus and seeing MY shirts everywhere.


Timelapse: Playing with Fire

This is a timelapse of my recent digital painting done on my iPad. I think it’s pretty cool one can go back and rediscover or just see the creative process flow in a condensed stream. This painting only took about two hours to complete. Like professional athletes artists can now review their performance. Not that it is a competition but the magic of technology allows us to create in ways that simply are not possible with traditional media. You don’t get instant do-overs and undos with paint or clay. You just have to start over. Technology is allowing me to discover more and practice or try out ideas on a piece without the worry of screwing it up. It does not change the process of creative exploration. It just speeds it up.