I’ve sailed the seas of sleepless nights
…and endless thought in search of you

Self acceptance
Love of life

A place in the world to call my own


I’ve owned things of man bought by the toil of my hand

Done many things adventurous
…foolish and fun

Regrets I have none


My search never ends

Rewards of living and giving fill my coffers
Rewards of friends and lovers accompany my mind

I found you there lost and alone
A day of reflection and thoughts to end it all

You cried and screamed in endless vigil
Year after year in silent tears

Faded dreams
Unopened doors
No one path
No one place

You hid amongst the reflections of yourself

But there you were
Always there

Always by my side
…and in my thoughts

I found you
Your strength
Your beauty
Your will to be


I found what I was looking for
…it was me

Myself, My own

Finding my place
The race to be all of me
Soundly in line
This life of mine

Edge the line crossed and left behind
Full of life and love to give
I wont apologize
I am not an animal to be caged

Told do live in a box
Told to be a good girl
Don’t fuck with me
You can’t kill the freedom to love

Take my life
You will never take my soul
I exist despite your rage
Your hate
Your cage
I live outside your pitiful book of rules

Art in my mind
The art of my self
My fire burns for all my sisters brothers and fools

To be
I am free

Strive to be
The best damn women

No one’s cage
No one’s rule

I live outside the frame of societies tired game