A Moment

For a moment… The armor turned to veils of translucent, vulnerable, welcoming… The walls turned to dust in hands of warming comfort… The thoughts of healed simple pleasures rang true… The fear that chased away open-hearted song subsided… The haunted memories of stricken night turned to sunlight… The comforting embraces lasted a lifetime… The wishes […]

My Enemy

I’ve seen my enemy Perched a thousand strong in shadows surround One thousand million shells hurled From cannons self inflicted Running furious a pace of futile design All defeated in fields of tortured beauty Lasting holdouts Breaking walls of stone and flesh Hunted down in merciless attack One by one all traces erased from fertile […]

why do i cry?

why do I cry? is the pain so great it can only escape my soul as tears? is the joy so complete I must share it in my eyes? the tears roll down my cheeks, daily it seems. they evaporate and spread like the mist over the ocean. the tears forever streaming, day and night. […]