Where the Sunrise

Where there is courage to rise each day The shadow of fear covers the path in darkness Desire stands alone conscious in the obscure of night Confidence the sacred jewel on a crown of hope Where there is will Where there is want of more each moment The frozen grip of insecurity binds us in our […]

Where Demons Dwell

Mountains rise in wakes of troubled thoughts Mere ripples turned swells of rolling rage Stirred torrents of doubt and question Blanket waters once still with unstayed ferocity Anger, fear, temptation and lust drown reason As my mind wanders in places where demons dwell

Lost at Sea

Somewhere between the yesterdays, todays and tomorrows I have become lost. It seems as though only yesterday everything was so beautiful and perfect. But again like the endless tides, I have lost my way as the waters withdraw. The search for self, confidence and wholeness washed away again. Stranded on a bar surrounded my a […]