Instant Message

I am a grown woman and capable of enjoying many different things in life. I proudly admit to being a Platinum Card carrying lesbian (read: never been with a man, TMI I know). I am also also more than capable of flirting with just about anyone. I love to mess with men’s heads.  All my flirtees know I am not in to men. But flirting and talking serious shit is fun and healthy. Especially with certain people. I have this great guy friend, Art. We have known each other for a while now, though we have never met in person. Art makes me laugh and is really a sweet guy. But OMG can he lay it on. I know it is not what he wants to hear but he is like having a big brother in a way. We do flirt and talk smack and it is fun for both of us. I like Art. Every woman needs a friend like Art. Especially if you are Bi or Straight. But we won’t get into that. Let’s just say I know things. LOL

Anyway. I need to set the rest of this story up. I posted a status on one of my profiles that Art sees. I think it was something about starting my first book, having some ideas, but not sure where to start. Rarely will I share something like this. But I just had too. Now I know everyone is going to get that WTF? look in their eyes after reading it. Believe me I am not going straight and I am not slipping in to the bisexual slipstream either. So without further delay in its completely unedited format:

Instant Message… art signs on…

art: It was a dark and stormy night…..
Nikki Dreams: … and the two lovers curled by the stone hearth. distant lightning illuminating their eyes in the dark
art: she slid his hand onto her heaving breasts….. her breath quickened…..
Nikki Dreams: … he rose above her and held is body just above hers running is lips gently along her torso from her neck down towards her naval
art: using his tongue he flicked it in between gently kissing her naval  her hands pushing him further
Nikki Dreams: … her pelvis gently  rising to meet his anxious tongue. He pulls back momentarily. teasing her with the warmth of his breath
art: licking and sucking on her engorged clit he sucks it softly and then hard biting it ever so slightly ….. she lets out a moan!
Nikki Dreams: uuuuooooohhhhh…. her hand rise to her breasts. twisting and rubbing her nipples with each wave of pleasure
art: aggressively he plants in tonge inside her, she screams for god!
art: he works his tongue on her like a jack hammer….
Nikki Dreams: Her mind is lost in ecstasy. Her legs and arms trembling. She trows her head deep into the pillows on the floor…
art: While licking her even harder he feels her love juice begin to spill from her,  using a thick but manicured finger he pumps into her …… she begins to grind her hips …..
Nikki Dreams: beads of perspiration begin to pool in the curves of her neck and stomach. Her moans lost in the occasional thunder and pouring rain
art: he catches her image as the lightning illuminates the room….. her breasts so firm and ripe nipples stiff and aching to be attended too.  She too sees that he is very aroused!
Nikki Dreams: … And I am totally posting this on m blog today!!!
art: go for it sweetie….. let me know what your readers think
Nikki Dreams: It will be interesting!!