Lover of Life


Lover of life Your story told in the lines of your face The joy in your eyes Lover of life You see a world unknown to the caged You run confident in to each day Lover of life The world around you vibrates with amazement Everything old is still new Lover of life Friends agape […]

Strength of Life

What heart does not hurt that has not lost What day is not long that has no sun Searching, ever searching My soul the intrepid explorer The adventure of life Chances not taken regrettable but past Why do we not sleep the endless quest for self Why alone is not a part of our making […]

Jaded Path

Walking this path a purpose without direction. I see to a future in each direction I turn. Step upon step into multiple futures. My bearings are focused on nothing and forward. Each foot precariously yet systematically placed upon each ledge. The path narrows here and widens there. Insecure footings marked by hasty retreat. Must move […]

Lost at Sea

Somewhere between the yesterdays, todays and tomorrows I have become lost. It seems as though only yesterday everything was so beautiful and perfect. But again like the endless tides, I have lost my way as the waters withdraw. The search for self, confidence and wholeness washed away again. Stranded on a bar surrounded my a […]