No Ice Cream

Alone in a room Sitting Sitting Sitting Slow Down, the melancholy of Radiohead Wholefoods, Mac-n-cheese offending my wallet Joyous, my tongue tastes organic cheeses melted Eyes dead set in a window Rain Falling Falling Falling Cold in a well heated room Bustling city, this inclement day has your attentions Holiday of me A self imposed […]

The Emptiness is My Art

  I struggle to make peace with you Your bony withered hand Clenched in a ball around my heart Time drags on along quiet empty shores Your faded dying skin Wrapped like worn gauze around my bones The warmth of feeling distant in my mind Your wretched smile Trapped in mirrors before me My eyes blackened in […]

Dormant Spring

Time better spent. Someone to share it with. Dormant spring waits for rains of shared experience. Looking in shallow gazes. Meeting of eyes averted. Waiting blossoms fragrant for no one. Wishful thoughts drowned. Unanswered dreams heavy burden. Cultivating tireless hope in fields of imagined fruit. Hand in hand embrace. Securely remembered. Seasons on hold in […]

Dinner Alone

These nights alone. Transient wastelands of lonely thoughts. Hopeful flights of fancy encourage endless desire. Desire… desire to be held in life’s intimate embrace alongside friends or a lover not yet met. What is the measure of a person? The things they have done. The Things they have seen. Things accumulated. Or love and friends […]

Suicide – Thoughts of – TDOR

She opened the drawer to her nightstand, the pale brown bottle of sleeping pills sit harmlessly under the child-proof lid. The long dried tears and runs of makeup down her face are the only signs of life once lived…. as she lies down a long forgotten calm quiets her breath. She comforts herself in the warm down comforter. The sun is shining and the sky is filled with blue… everywhere blue. But the beauty is gone. She sees only darkness. Her soft long hair gently spreads out over the pillow. She has put on her favorite nightgown. It is antique white silk with delicate lace and trim. It is old and worn but it is her favorite. As she closes her eyes, she gently and briefly smiles.