Burning Cold

I gazed in to a fire
It was burning in my heart

I stood upon the edge
It was the day I fell in love

I soared above the clouds
It was each night within your arms

I trembled cold and lost
It was the day we were no more

Without You

If the wind blows
Let it take my thoughts

If the rains come
Let them wash away my pain

If the sun sets
Let my visions fade

If time stops
Let it erase my memories of ever loving you


Memories spill into the palms of my hands
Whetted moments blackened by the liner on my eyes

A sunset on the beach
A Valentines day in the park
A first date over pizza and beer

Smeared and wiped on the sleeves of my life

A Moment

For a moment…

The armor turned to veils of translucent, vulnerable, welcoming…

The walls turned to dust in hands of warming comfort…

The thoughts of healed simple pleasures rang true…

The fear that chased away open-hearted song subsided…

The haunted memories of stricken night turned to sunlight…

The comforting embraces lasted a lifetime…

The wishes and desires of two became one…

The sense of belonging embrace a tortured soul…

The momentum carried forward…

…and all was right in worlds of my own making.

But only for a moment.

When does life begin?

Flowers for the Dead. No funeral. No wake. No Memorial. Simply death of the living.
Flowers for the Dead. No funeral. No wake. No Memorial. Simply death of the living.
I died this year.
But I was never dead.
I passed into some strange history, old memories.
Yet I am still here.

My passing was sudden and unexpected.
But still, I am here this very moment, never having departed.
People have and are morning the loss of me.
I never left them all the time still standing before their eyes.

Yet I died this year.
Only months have passed.
I do not feel this loss of me.
I only feel the loss of others who let me go.

Now I am dead.
But my corpse does not decay.
Every moment breathing, heart beating, thoughts fleeting.
Is this what it is like to die?

I have watched them leave.
One by One.
I saw the signs of death.
Yet I could do nothing to stop it.

I am living with death each day.
I am invisible and forgotten.
But my eyes still see those who buried me.
My heart still feels the love I never gave up.

I died this year.
So when does life begin?