Fair Winds

I cast my heart into the open Carried on the waters of trust Blown by the winds of your soul A chance at something taken The fear of being in the open and exposed overcome Desire the star that guides me leads to you That it does not matter swells and storms Tides of thoughts […]

Fear to Love

I think of her… And the words flow from my fingers like the swollen rivers of Spring’s Winter thaw. I see her image… And my mind wonders in and out of passion and desire. I speak to her… And the weight of long past heartbreaks weigh my words unspeakable. I wish… That who I am […]

Burning Cold

I gazed in to a fire It was burning in my heart I stood upon the edge It was the day I fell in love I soared above the clouds It was each night within your arms I trembled cold and lost It was the day we were no more


Memories spill into the palms of my hands Whetted moments blackened by the liner on my eyes A sunset on the beach A Valentines day in the park A first date over pizza and beer Smeared and wiped on the sleeves of my life

Thoughtful Garden

When finally she came with whispers on her breath The smell of fresh jasmine clinging to the hems of her simple dress Her eyes caressing the silhouetted form at the edge of beds in color and green Tall stands of lavender and sage pressing her along an inviting mossy path Spring’s symphony directed in rows […]

Spanish Angel

What chance love Spanish angel Willingly meant forever Wantingly keep close to heart What chance love Spanish angel Despair not distance Think not differences What chance love Spanish angel Youth in constant memory Wisdom matures timely pursuit What chance love Spanish angel To hold most dear thoughts To bare unborn memories What chance love Spanish […]

Strength of Life

What heart does not hurt that has not lost What day is not long that has no sun Searching, ever searching My soul the intrepid explorer The adventure of life Chances not taken regrettable but past Why do we not sleep the endless quest for self Why alone is not a part of our making […]