A Voice in the Distance

Tenuous steps over anticipation’s spell
A walk of words gripped in search of more
Questions, So many questions

Answers hidden in silent gazes
A voiced raises in subtle hints of warm embracing
Lightly welcoming  discovery’s treasures

Initial veils of trepidation drawn
A heartbeat and another
The curtain fades revealing form

Hopeful thoughts linger
An open invitation fresh within the beating heart
Hesitations, release, invitation received

Adventures never taken
A forfeit of the wounded soul
Are broken upon the rocks of tender recognition

Broken Glass

Traveled time

A place never seen

Fidgeting moments passed on first meeting

Shy glances

Tempered answers

Careful questions

Precious moments

Smiles gather sun

Radiant warmth

Treading lightly

First impressions made

Mental pictures broken

Nervous pieces crumble to the floor

Friends born upon broken glass