Perception of Time

I looked into the sun and sneezed as my eyes watered and my face felt warm deep into my skull. A 5 year old really does not know any better. Mom held my hand as I cried, blood still fresh on my arm and my clothes. The doctor tried to ease the pain, but the […]



I pulled the blanket over my eyes Hoping you could not see me Or maybe it was really so that I could not see you My lump of unmoving flesh and bone still So still as to not draw your attention Or maybe it was so I could not feel The perception of motion lost […]

For a Moment

I thought I heard your name Turning to look I saw the pipers race across the beach Edge of the advancing surf The choreographer in their daily ballet Long sheets of liquid glass coat the shores Revealing deep blue skies in the warming sands A whole universe reflected at my feet For moment I thought […]

Marks of Pain

A stream of blood trickles down her face. Unaware her bloodied finger smears the past across the keyboard A Pause A Flood of memories Nervous habits hard to overcome The long shadowy remnants of the past still digging new wounds Maybe not consciously But the fingers know Unoccupied they dig and pull at the flesh The bite of a thousand stings subtle […]