Broken Glass

Art is Broken glass Cast into turbulent seas In time Washed ashore Polished and refined It forms the sands Upon which we lie Drifting away In warm silence Lost in the cacophony Of our own dreams

The Well

the well so deep, yesterday not so much today your love your friendship my guide my strength to fill the pit beneath me light is like words encouraging yet thin but your hand it breaks the stone it clears the path these wells that form deep under foot bored out by our own hands when […]

Twitter: How it helps me as a writer and poet

All those micro-poems, lines of Haiku, creative thoughts and “Twitter Poems” have helped me learn how to write better. Often, those little bursts of creativity are seeds for larger and more complex ideas that grow into full poems. One of those little bursts on Twitter actually evolved into a full screenplay that I am writing. And the coolest thing is not only the instant feedback, but the reminder is always there in your timeline so you can ignite that larger idea on paper, in a blog and hopefully as a published work later on. They are like little notes to myself sometimes

Where Demons Dwell

Mountains rise in wakes of troubled thoughts Mere ripples turned swells of rolling rage Stirred torrents of doubt and question Blanket waters once still with unstayed ferocity Anger, fear, temptation and lust drown reason As my mind wanders in places where demons dwell

Shadows Fade

I look in the mirror. Shadows fading in a new light. I look in to my heart. Warmth and compassion resonate in every beat. I look in to my soul. Life and fulfillment anchoring foundations. I look at the world. All is new and everything is possible. I look at love. Lost for a time, […]