Playing cards with the Devil
Tricky dances of lost will and dangerous passions
Bottles of desire drawn to lips
Curious hands tempt wanting flesh
Siren’s song bleeding in ears
Crossed boundaries of violated control
Scent burning long awaited dreams
Another gasp of indulgence
Cards expose face in hand
Successive turns excite senses
A battery of stolen moments sweat form every orifice
The temptress plays her final hand
Heart, lungs, time stop
Dark flashes the moment
Thought suspended drowning  pleasures
Utter submission


Temptation takes it’s prize

She Walks In

The stillness of the room binds me to the chair.
Thoughts confronted by thoughts.
I scan the room for something to distract me.
The sound of running water barely escapes the bathroom door.

Scented candles burn unseen.
The warm light flickers beneath the door along the hardwood floor.
Her instructions to wait in the den echo in my head.
I cannot help but wonder why she asked me over.
After all she is just a friend.

An hour passes beneath my thumb and the remote for the TV.
The over-sized leather chair imprisons me and my conflicted thoughts.
Angela is just a friend and she is engaged… but she is so beautiful.
All those nights dancing at the club together.
Just girl friends out having fun.

The bathroom goes silent.
Faint sounds of someone tidying up the space.
Oh that endless silence is enough to drown out dialogue form the TV .

The bathroom door on the other side of the den creeks open.
My friend appears again from her bath.
Her skin still moist under her robe.
She moves ever so gracefully to her room.

“I will be out in a minute.”
An eternity passes in my mind.
I feel myself become aroused.
What am I thinking?
We are just friends.
The moisture and scents from the bathroom creep into my thoughts.
I should probably go home soon.

As quickly as she disappears…. She walks in.
Angela is dressed in simple but inviting negligee.
I am suddenly amazed and overwhelmed at the sight of my friend.
She is so beautiful.
Conflicted thoughts quickly turn.

My life will be forever changed in an instant.
3 months of pure passion and guiltless fantasy follow one sentence.
Her words and our passion to this day still warm my heart.

“You can stay here tonight if you want.”

20 years ago and still the scent of her body fills my senses.
The taste of her excites my lips.
The warmth that we shared is forever burned into my being.
I will never forget her.
My first true lover.