Cassandra's prophecy by Chiara Fersini

I live

My gaze falls warm summer rain upon a soft pillow moon Stars glitter ancient code open clues above earthly mysteries A song lifeless unsung breath of reassurance upon my ear Winged ballerina dashing emerald wings sketch a portrait in my mind Beneath my feet the shadow’s cousin darker memories fall Clarity in broken clouds not blue but golden in […]

When and Then

When I was born, It is said the flowers bloomed and the rains washed away the past And the days grew bright with joy. When I was young, It is said the rivers and oceans sprang to life And endless days were celebrated in my honor. When I grew old, It was said the leaves […]

Second Spring

Scattered about and disorganized Thoughts clinging to each other as they pass A topped off glass swells over The liquid emotions spilling out around the overburdened vessel These are my life’s savings Order and chaos an unmade bed Falling in and out of lucid skies a comforting breeze comes Warmth wraps around skin The infants […]