60 Seconds in My Head: Hyperpensia OCD

Hyperpensia OCD; A harmless yet highly annoying and mentally exhausting condition characterized  by too much thinking, usually uncontrolled though with extreme fast, repetitive, overlapping micro thoughts, memories and internalized vocalization. Often accompanied by a subconscious tic or hyper awareness of tactile sensations like itching, teeth grinding or tapping, bouncing or shaking of leg or foot. The […]

Ambient in the Dark

A warm glow fills the room with ambient life. It dances it’s colorful song in abundance just outside my window. I peer into the light. My restless limbs heavy as I turn. My dreams all but faded into the subconscious. The light beckons as it burns. The sound of my heart broken by a passing […]

Where Demons Dwell

Mountains rise in wakes of troubled thoughts Mere ripples turned swells of rolling rage Stirred torrents of doubt and question Blanket waters once still with unstayed ferocity Anger, fear, temptation and lust drown reason As my mind wanders in places where demons dwell

Circling Inside

I wander within my own thoughts Stepping curiously through the faint echoes and storms Freshly written places formed time and again from the realities in which I dwell To linger too long is the introverted’s curse Pieces of my memories scattered about in chaotic rank and file Undone wishes airing about the recessed mental spaces While my dreams vivid […]

Dinner Alone

These nights alone. Transient wastelands of lonely thoughts. Hopeful flights of fancy encourage endless desire. Desire… desire to be held in life’s intimate embrace alongside friends or a lover not yet met. What is the measure of a person? The things they have done. The Things they have seen. Things accumulated. Or love and friends […]