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If I write a poemWill you read it If I say I love youWill you hear me If I dance for youWill you see me If I touch youWill you feel me If I am hereWill you know me If I die tomorrowWill you cry for me If I am invisibleHow would you ever know

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Poetry Writing and Poetry


What if I return to that dark place?What if I hide from the light?What will become of me? I have aged not entirely well.My thoughts often darkened by the world.My body bent and slowed by the weight of what I know. Most flowers crave the light and warmth of the sun.But a few only open …

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Art & Photography

Absence of Art

I have been away. Away from this blog, away from art… AWAY!  Of this we have no doubt. So much has transpired since my last post on this blog. Most of it I am still dealing with. Little of it will I mention in this post. Let’s just say more than a couple life altering …

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60 Seconds in My Head: Hyperpensia OCD

Hyperpensia OCD; A harmless yet highly annoying and mentally exhausting condition characterized  by too much thinking, usually uncontrolled though with extreme fast, repetitive, overlapping micro thoughts, memories and internalized vocalization. Often accompanied by a subconscious tic or hyper awareness of tactile sensations like itching, teeth grinding or tapping, bouncing or shaking of leg or foot. The …

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Art & Photography Painting

Clematis Henryi – Watercolor

This is my latest and a first. I created this watercolor and charcoal for my mom on Mother’s Day. I have never used watercolors before, except maybe when I was five. It is definitely not as easy as you might think. There is no do over. You cannot simply paint over an area and start …

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