What Demons are These?

What Demons are these lurking in my head.
Waiting in the shadows, they stalk me each night.
By day they sleep, distant memories of the past.
At night they awaken feasting on my fears.
The present is fleeting but the past is always there.
What empty canvas that lays before me.
Painted in blood, painted in hope.
Conflicts of thought.
Conflicts made real.

I wake each morning, having slain a demon each night.
They are reborn in my dreams. They fear the light.
But still they are there every hour of my life.
Waiting, watching until the time comesĀ  right.
Weakness. Vulnerable. Scared and lost.
They come forth and pray on my thoughts.

I wish them away. I battle to do right.
The demos are strong.
But I mange to triumph, though they are small.
Glowing embers of the battle pries burn on.
Every day, Every night.
I must battle these demons.
I must fight for my life.