The Brightest Light

Looking to the future through all the memories of my past.
I see a light brighter than the brightest star.

And it burns inside of me.

Jaded Path

Walking this path a purpose without direction.
I see to a future in each direction I turn.
Step upon step into multiple futures.
My bearings are focused on nothing and forward.
Each foot precariously yet systematically placed upon each ledge.
The path narrows here and widens there.
Insecure footings marked by hasty retreat.
Must move forward.
Wincing at the pain of each fall.
Must move forward.

A sturdy precipice and I gather my thoughts.
Directions overlay maps of internal destination.
Worn shoes barely comfort each stride upon broken choices.
A quick retreat again and down the next path.
This maze is my life.
An overgrown hedge hacked into trails of fear.
Must move forward.
Burning muscles pushed beyond their limit.
Must move forward.

This jaded path laid out before me must not control me.
I cannot allow the noise of destiny to cloud my judgment.
Nor the rumble of acceptable norms to defeat my purpose.
There is no destiny.
Only destination and achievement.
These paths are mine alone to follow.
Must move forward.
Life becomes lived with the passing of each step.
Must move forward.

There is no past to support my return.
To back-step each history brings no new days.
That path is done.
Somewhere up ahead lies that precious goal.
Destinations unknown but with purpose I proceed.
A goal with no set direction but forward.
Must move forward.
Burning all my energy until I can move no more.
Must move forward.