The Embrace

She stands in the window.
Her soft silhouette flowing with the breeze in the open window.
The light of the morning sun teasing my senses.

She turns slightly to peer over her shoulder.
The sunlight igniting the warmth in her eyes.
Lips part.
She whispers something as she turns

Will you just hold me.
The words wrap around my soul like a blanket on a new born child.

She turns back into the window.
Her long, silky, dark hair flowing in the breeze.
Her arms held tight against her breast.

I approach her slowly.
The old wood floor creaking under my feet.
My arms gently extend as I embrace the woman in my dream.

Our hands meet as I gently hold her close.
Standing behind her, my chin on her shoulder gazing out into the day.

Embraced in a dream of light and love.
No words are spoken as our hearts find the beat of the other.

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