I’ve sailed the seas of sleepless nights
…and endless thought in search of you

Self acceptance
Love of life

A place in the world to call my own


I’ve owned things of man bought by the toil of my hand

Done many things adventurous
…foolish and fun

Regrets I have none


My search never ends

Rewards of living and giving fill my coffers
Rewards of friends and lovers accompany my mind

I found you there lost and alone
A day of reflection and thoughts to end it all

You cried and screamed in endless vigil
Year after year in silent tears

Faded dreams
Unopened doors
No one path
No one place

You hid amongst the reflections of yourself

But there you were
Always there

Always by my side
…and in my thoughts

I found you
Your strength
Your beauty
Your will to be


I found what I was looking for
…it was me

Spanish Angel

What chance love Spanish angel
Willingly meant forever
Wantingly keep close to heart

What chance love Spanish angel
Despair not distance
Think not differences

What chance love Spanish angel
Youth in constant memory
Wisdom matures timely pursuit

What chance love Spanish angel
To hold most dear thoughts
To bare unborn memories

What chance love Spanish angel
Mi amore
Mi sueño contigo

14th and Alpine Terrace

The urban treadmill of broken concrete grid
passes under my feet indifferent and cold.

The smell of incense and urine fill my senses
only to subside in jest as I breeze by the dirty Chinese buffet.

The likeness or Jesus and tired punk anarchy race across the streets.
Human squirrels dogging uncaring city traffic.

The residue of Scotch still prominent on my tongue.

The ache of tired calves burning on incline.
Steeper and steeper as I climb.

Angry fog races over roof and tree.
Attacking unwary pedestrians as they scurry
to beat the turning light.

One turn, 100 steps.
The stoop lays bare across my horizon.

Home for the moment.

Home until I’m gone.