The Sky

Blazing Bristlecone

Explorers sandy back of skyward gazes
Silent fields of summer’s starry currents restful and quiet
Brightest black and deepest blues blanket adventurous eyes

Illusive dancers flash in the distance
A moments captivated spell transfixed across heavens
A wish made certain in the blink of an eye

Swirling colors muted and not
Age old mystics and spirited tales dot the horizons
Liquid ink of timeless wonders eternal

Survey the distance
Feeling so small insignificant a scheme of grand design
Magical and impossibility overcome

Each heart a star
Each mind a galaxy
Every soul the universe

Unique and beautiful framed in endless portrait
Stardust to flesh and earth and all that is
Every point of light an image reflections of our own

The Darkest Place

There is a place so dark I cannot go.
The heart runs cold and the soul lives alone.
Thoughts oft surface soon set on the wind.
Hopes no return they should never come again.